tiistai 3. marraskuuta 2015

It's a choice...

"Hey, look up
Don't make a shadow of yourself
Always shutting out the light
Caught in your own creation
Look up, look up
It tore you open
And oh, how much?"

I've been looking for an outlet for my creativity for a while now and I've played around with the idea of expressing myself online in one way or another. I love thinking about things in life that seem just a little bit too huge to comprehend and making up theories and arguments about things that I care about. All in all it seems to me that blogging would be the perfect format to let my inspiration flow.

But for some reason I've been reluctant to start writing a blog. I've told myself that it is because I don't really have a specific topic of which I would like to write about or that I don't have that much free time in my hands. But really I've always known that either of those things are true. I do have time and I actually happen to be a very opinionated and thoughtful person and therefore I have many things to write about. Then I realized that the real reason why I haven't done this before is that I've always been too afraid. Afraid of mean comments online, afraid of someone from my personal life finding my blog and making fun of me for it, but most of all I've been afraid of failing. What if no-one reads my blog? What if I start the blog and find out that I can't write. What if I let myself down?

Success in life ultimately boils down to one simple choice. Its a choice between fear an love. Will you stay in your comfort zone and watch your life pass by comfortable and easy, always wondering what could have been if you had just booked that flight or sent that one message? Or will you put your trust in love and see for yourself? And that is why I'm starting this blog. It's about time I stop making up excuses to prolong my misery and start doing things in my life that make me happy and stop being afraid of failing. Because you can fail at what you don't want, might as well take the leap and go for what makes you happy.

So, what will you choose?